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Established in London in 1979 by Steven Philippsohn specifically to undertake complex commercial litigation, PCB Litigation has carved out a remarkable role for itself in both the City of London and on the global legal scene. By bringing a unique and distinctive style to the way it acts for clients it has grown in stature decade-by-decade through a series of exceptional cases.

The firm got off to a flying start during its first decade by quickly winning a reputation for its ground breaking ability to ‘pierce the corporate veil’. In particular it made a quick breakthrough by achieving an outstanding success in the case of Zealcastle v Galadari which involved the charging of the Defendant’s beneficial ownership of a central London property even though it was in the registered ownership of an offshore company.

The firm also became quickly involved in working internationally, demonstrating a flair for getting to grips with the intricacies of local courts. This was important in the 1990s when it decided to enter the increasingly important field of fraud, asset recovery and interim relief. It was in this area that the firm proved its mettle for its imaginative and dogged ability to get to the bottom of even the most complex cases.

Meanwhile it had attracted attention by securing – on behalf of an overseas claimant – what is believed to be the first ever search order granted in England over premises in Northern Ireland. It also successfully took the landmark enfranchisement case of Belvedere v Frogmore successfully to the Court of Appeal. And a further notable victory came when it secured disclosure at the summary judgment stage in the case of British Bank of the Middle East vs. Henson – a move which was almost unheard of at such an early point in the process.

Collectively these landmark achievements ensured that growing numbers of clients turned to PCB when the stakes were high and an original approach was required. Since the turn of the century further international work has played an increasingly important part in the firm’s activity with many cases involving a number of jurisdictions simultaneously. PCB Litigation’s reputation is now truly worldwide.