Founded in 1979 by Steven Philippsohn – one of the world’s leading fraud lawyers – we concentrate on what we do best, rather than attempting to be all things to all cases. For us, our best is fraud litigation and commercial dispute resolution – and very satisfied clients

Approach us for the benefit of our expertise and we will put at your service an authoritative, highly knowledgeable, partner-led team of specialists. We believe that the quality of the skills dedicated to a case is far more important than the number of people. With Anthony Riem having started at PCB in 1991 and Trevor Mascarenhas in 1998, our core team of partners has unrivalled experience in international fraud work. That experience and expertise was recognised by our appointment as the English members of the International Chamber of Commerce’s network of specialist asset recovery lawyers, Fraudnet, in 2004.

You will also find that your PCB Litigation partners – unusually – are strong not only in legal expertise but also in a sound appreciation of the practical needs and priorities that are driving and empowering governments and global businesses in the 21st century.

Each client has its own particular requirements and aspirations; this we recognise and understand. But all share a need for fast efficient legal advice on which to base their decision-making.

As specialist international fraud and commercial litigation lawyers we provide that advice.

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