The following are a few of the comments we have received from clients

Whilst I instruct a number of large international law firms on contentious and non-contentious matters, I use PCB for particularly difficult and important cases.

PCB look at the commerciality of transactions that are in dispute and obtain an understanding of the clients’ business to the extent necessary to deal with all of the issues.

PCB will concentrate on eliminating any weaknesses and developing strategies to achieve success.

I do feel PCB provides excellent value for money.

By bringing in specialists in their fields, PCB maintains the high level of quality that is required of demanding litigation.

Since instructing PCB on this matter, I have been impressed by how quickly they have put the client in a position of strength. They have identified vulnerabilities in the Claimant’s case and sought to exploit them with an aggressive, and more importantly effective, approach.

Whilst there are a number of firms who deal with substantial litigation, PCB have demonstrated the skills to deal with difficult cases, where creative thinking and strategic planning can materially improve the prospects of success.

Steven Philippsohn impresses with his overall strategic input.

My initial point of contact was Steven Philippsohn, who I consider to be a top litigation lawyer in London. Most of my dealings on the case have been with Trevor Mascarenhas. He has been very quick in grasping the factual and legal issues involved in the claim and has developed successful strategies in turning the case around.

I have known Steven Philippsohn of PCB for a number of years and having worked with him in the past, I was confident that if anyone could turn the case around, his firm could.

We have found the firm to be proactive, responsive and attentive to detail. This has been reflected by the robust management of the cases… We have been particularly impressed by Mr. Anthony Riem.

Trevor Mascarenhasimpresses with his rigorous analysis of the evidence and law.

We only keep using them because of the excellent service we are provided with, particularly the speed and accuracy of their advice, and their knowledge of property litigation.

Their prompt responses and professionalism meant that I was ahead and ready for all eventualities at all times.

The contrast between the level of service afforded by PCB and other firms of my current experience could hardly be more marked… I have found PCB to be a model of speed, economy, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly of all – clarity.

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