Criminal & Regulatory

A number of civil fraud claims involve the possibility of prosecution for criminal offences or breaches of regulatory requirements. PCB Litigation is often required to consider these issues from the perspective of clients either seeking to avoid prosecution or seeking to bring private prosecutions or make criminal complaints.

PCB’s resourceful and dogged approach has proved immensely rewarding for its clients. Among notable successes have been:

acting for a property company which was the subject of a high profile dawn raid by the Serious Fraud Office in conjunction with criminal investigations being carried out elsewhere in Europe.

acting for property brokers who were alleged to have misled investors into buying properties in Eastern Europe. They were the subject of a criminal investigation, press scrutiny and restraint orders. Through our efforts the investigation was dropped and the restraint orders discharged.

acting for a businessman who avoided jail in relation to fraud proceedings brought by the Italian criminal authorities out of the collapse of a large Italian catering company that was riddled with fraud.

acting for a defendant who was alleged to have been involved in a procurement fraud involving the United Nations and the provision of medicine and equipment to Africa.. There were also parallel investigations in Europe involving co-defendants. PCB dealt with the disclosure of evidence by the authorities to protect privileged material.

acting for an employee facing high profile criminal and restraint proceedings. We negotiated the terms by which the client was able to preserve the value of her assets, and represented her in her interviews with her employer and the police.

We also have successfully represented a number of antiquities’ dealers:

a client was accused by the authorities in another country of having unlawfully imported and sold a statue stolen from a museum. We collated the evidence and instructed an antiquities’ expert to demonstrate the client was not involved in the theft and also instructed offshore lawyers to represent the client at interviews and hearings abroad. The client was exonerated and others were charged with criminal offences.

a client had a number of artefacts seized by the police as part of a raid into safe boxes held in London. We collated the evidence and statements on international law, and made representations which persuaded the police to release the artefacts without interviewing the client.

a client who had purchased an artefact in good faith that had been stolen. We negotiated its return to the appropriate Government.

a client had been asked to sell an artefact whose provenance was unsatisfactory. We negotiated its return to the appropriate Government and with the approval of the police.