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January 2017

PCB Litigation have been retained by a European pension fund who are the alleged victim of a $multimillion investment fraud.

PCB Litigation have been retained by Middle Eastern clients in relation to a major insurance fraud.

Steven Philippsohn was quoted in The Times on “After last year’s dramas, what lies ahead?”

Mr Philippsohn was one of a number of leading lawyers asked by the Times to comment on what to expect in 2017, identifying regulatory compliance as ever more important: “2017 is likely to see increased corporate responsibility ‎for prevention of financial crime. In the regulatory sphere we’re expecting offences for facilitating tax evasion, which will have an impact on enterprises that do not take adequate preventative measures.” In addition to this, steps may also be taken to criminalise failing to prevent fraud and economic crime. Victims of fraud may seek to argue that banks and other entities who have facilitated fraud ought in this environment of increased regulation be more readily held to account in claims for negligence, knowing receipt and dishonest assistance.